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If you are looking for great, easy and fun party games that are easy to play and that can be purchased and played right out of a box, then this page is for you!!

Here are some of our favorite adult party games and teen party games that will make a great addition to your party.

If you don't already own these games, you may be able to borrow them from a friend. Or perhaps you'll want to invest in your own to have on hand for future parties!

We are proud to be affiliates of and able to suggest games from their site for you.

When selecting which game you will play, keep in mind:

  • the number of people who will be playing
  • the amount of room that will be needed to play the game
  • is this a game that everyone can participate in?
  • if you have a large number of people, can they play on teams? (Guys vs. Girls works great!)

  • Of course, if you are planning a teen party or a slumber party, some great games to add to this list are:

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