The Drawing Game

The Drawing Game is lots of fun! Include this in your list of best teen party games or slumber party games.

Game Set up...

To play this teen party game you will need to divide players into pairs. These will be your teams. You can have an unlimited number of teams, but each person will need to have a partner.

Each team will need a sheet of paper, a pencil and an envelope that includes pictures of shapes (circles, triangles, etc).

Sound interesting so far? Read on!

How To Play the this Teen Party Game

Each team sits with their backs to each other. On each team, one player has a blank piece of paper and a pencil. The other player draws a shape from the envelope. Without showing the shape to the other player or telling them what it is, describe how to draw the shape to the other player. Allow 2 minutes, or the amount of time that you wish.

The team with the drawing that most accurately describes the shape wins.

Let's make it a little more challenging...

If you are older, this might not be much of a challenge. So let's make this harder.

To make this teen party game more challenging, describe the shape of things that are even harder to describe...thing that don't have a simple shape...such as a dog house, chair, or items to go with your theme!

To make this game into one of your teenage birthday party games, describe things that are birthday related or favorite things of the birthday person.

And to make this game something to play at teenage slumber parties, you can draw bedtime related things - toothbrush, slippers, pajamas, etc.

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