Car Cake Ideas

With a car theme cake, you are only limited by your imagination.

As you can see from these examples, there are several things you can do. From using a cake pan in the shape of a car, to using toy cars on the top of the cake, the possibilities are endless!

Photo by: / CC BY 2.0

Photo by: / CC BY 2.0

Great for kid party ideas for the kids who want a cars or race car party.

Also great for the teen just getting their license, or for the adult who loves cars, racing or getting about.

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Photo by: / CC BY 2.0

Car Theme Cake Pans

Creating a "wow!" cake is easy with a car cake pan

Some of these cake pans are 3-D, some are flat, and some are character related  from the Cars movie.


Car Party Decorating Ideas

Here are a couple of car theme party decorating ideas... 

  • Use colors such as white and black (like a checkered flag)
  • Hang up posters of cars or race car drivers. Check with your local car dealership to see if they have any brochures or old sports car posters you can use.
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