Webkinz Cake

A Webkinz Party is a fun and favorite kid party idea...and you'll want to have a great birthday cake for your party!

This design celebrates the colorful logo and is very fast and easy to make.

  • Start with a cooled cake in whatever shape you prefer.
  • Ice the cake in whatever color you wish (we used white to make the other colors stand out!).
  • Use M&M's to decorate the shape of a "W" so that it has a rainbow effect like in the photo.
  • Hint: Designing the placing of the M&M's takes a little trial and error to make it look just right. Practice on a plate before you put them on the cake.
  • Pipe your favorite color around the bottom, and then place M&M's on top of this piping for added color.
  • We also added candy shapes (from the cake decorating department at the grocery store) to our decoration.
  • Add your own Webkinz Cake Ideas

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