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Can you deceive your friends? Let's see if they guess true or guess false in this fun and easy party game!

You'll need:

A scorekeeper

To Play:

Divide your guests into teams of two. It works best if you divide up into couples or good friends.

Have each team tell a story about something they have done. The story does not need to be real...but it should be convincing!

Have the other guests vote on whether or not it is the truth.

One point per team that guesses correctly. At the end, tally up the points to see which team could "read" the others best!


If this is to be played as a birthday party game, have each person or team try to think up something about the birthday person that no one else in the room will know (or something that they might have done) so people can decide whether or not the birthday person has done it.

At my party...

We played this at one of my parties and it was so much fun - it really showed how well you knew each other. I suggest that you do this game with friends, rather than people you don't know very well (such as for an ice breaker).

It was also a challenge to try to think of something that no one in the room knew about you. You will also be surprised at what people vote on as true!

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