Steal a Sticker Game

This great ice breaker game where you steal stickers or other items from each other gets your guests moving about the room and meeting everyone. (That is what an icebreaker is all about, right?!)


You'll need:

  • Index card for each player
  • Set of 10 unique stickers for each player (each player should have different stickers)

    To Play:

    As each guest arrives, place the 10 stickers for him/her on their back.

    When ready to play, pass out an index card to each guest.

    Each guest must try to "steal" a from each guest...without getting caught!

    The first guest who has stolen a sticker from each person who is at the party wins a prize.

    Or, if there are too many people to make this feasible, the person who has stolen the most stickers in a certain amount of time wins!

    Sound like an easy party game? Try it! Easy to plan...but sometimes can be hard to win!



    For inexpensive stickers, check at your office supply or school/office supply section of your favorite store. They often have stickers in all sorts of colors.

    You also don't have to limit yourself to stickers that are colored. You can also check your dollar store for stickers in various themes - cats, dogs, trucks, flowers, etc. 

    Another idea for stickers it to get file folder labels, and put the person's name on the labels. 10 labels for each person's back. This might actually be the easiest way to tell, if you have a large number of players, if you have one sticker from each person or not!


    Do you have any great easy party ideas and games? If so, tell us about your favorite games like steal a sticker!

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