Funny Birthday Rhymes

Many times I'm asked about funny birthday rhymes.

Perhaps you're wanting to make your own party invitation and need a rhyme, or perhaps you are looking for a fun toast or introduction at a birthday party.

This page provides links to several other websites that offer the funniest birthday rhymes, toasts and poems.

Writing your own rhyme can also make a great birthday gift.

On a budget?

Nothing says that you think more of your friend or loved one than sitting down spending your time coming up with the perfect birthday poem or birthday rhyme for them.

If you are looking to write it yourself, you'll want to start by jotting down some ideas specific to the birthday person. Hobbies, interests, occupation, age, etc. Then, use mix the words around so they will rhyme. It is easiest if you are using common words at the end - cool, fool, jewel...bed, said, fled,, fog, frog, get the idea.

Some of my favorite rhymes are actually limericks.

I probably like them because it is rare to find a limerick that isn't funny!

For me, they are easier to write as well. A great source for learning to write funny rhymes that are limericks is

Resources for Funny Birthday Rhymes

There are so many talented folks who have put free funny rhymes out there, and you may want to go that direction for your funny birthday poems. If so, other great sources that you may want to check out are:

Poem Source

Special Birthday Poems

Add your favorite source to this list!

Sometimes instead of a funny poem, funny birthday phrases will do!

One mention, when making something fun, use your best judgement and don't do anything too want the honoree to like it, especially at their own birthday party! That is the whole point!

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