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One of the coolest ideas for a Christmas party photos has come my way.

Have you heard of FlipClips?

This is where you take your 30 second video and it is converted into a flip book that you can hold in your hands and flip thru to "see the movie".

Each photo in the book stands alone.

I think this is one of the most unique ideas - you can use it to capture a moment of a party, such as...

  • A funny song or skit
  • Singing Happy Birthday
  • A surprise
  • Opening a gift
  • The Christmas Tree
  • Your friends around the room I think if you visit their site you'll see some good examples. Visit to find out how to make a flip book from your favorite video clip at FlipClips!
  • Ways to share your Christmas Party Picture Book

    I think this has a great value as really unique a Christmas party favor, or you could even make a book as a special invitation.

    A book that is created from a video taken at the party could be a great gift that is sent after the party.

    Flip Clips were just one of the activities used at a great Corporate Christmas party. Bet they'll be a hit memory from your party too!

    Disclaimer: Just to be clear, if you visit the Flip Pics site from this website, and decide to purchase, I will make a small commission. If you're not comfortable with that - then visit them on your own (without clicking thru the links on this page) and view the product to decide for yourself. The bottom line is that I'd recommend this product even if I wasn't earning a commission. Check them out!

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