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April, 2009 -

Dear Diary,

So, one year later. A year has passed since I started this website.

And what a year it has been!!

I remember how I wondered if I was doing the right thing by purchasing

Site Build It! (also known as SBI/Sitesell) I figured it had a free trial for a bit of time, and then we could cancel at any time, so what did I have to lose?

I already knew I wanted to try to create a blog, and I knew what I wanted it to be about. I wanted to create a resource for party planning - all the ideas in the universe in one handy place for all to use. A big project, but you gotta dream big, right? And earning money from it would be even better!!!

Well, that first month I had only a handful of visitors. But I faithfully followed the SBI Action Guide, which held my hand every step of the way.

Now, a year later, thousands of visitors every month. WOW! I love it that people around the world are reading my words and find it all useful. And I love getting emails from them - contributions, questions, and pats on the back!

I also love the income - thanks to google ads, affiliate relationships with companies like, and my very own party store!

Don't get me wrong - it has taken many hours to create the pages that you see here, but by following SBI's step-by-step guide and using their tools to create pages, this little site is growing more every month!

It is very exciting!!

Have you been thinking about finding a way to work from home? What have you got to lose? Join me on the path to financial freedom!



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