Piggly Wiggly

by Abigail M.
(Hanover PA)

How to play the Piggly Wiggly slumber party game - Everybody gets in somebody else's sleeping bag except the person that is IT. The person that is IT goes out of the room. When IT comes back in the room the lights are out.Then IT sits on a sleeping bag and says PIGGLY WIGGLY and then the person in the sleeping bag says OINK OINK! then IT has to guess who is in the sleeping bag. If IT guesses right the the person in the sleeping bag is IT, if IT guesses wrong then they move on to the next sleeping bag. THIS IS A FUN AND THRILLING GAME FOR A SLUMBER PARTY YOU WILL HAVE LOTS OF FUN AND LOTS OF LAUGHS! (MAKE SURE TO PREPARE FOR THIS GAME AND MAKE SURE EVERYBODY WANTS TO PLAY IT! SOME PEOPLE MIGHT NOT WANT TO GET SAT ON!)

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Idk random
by: Anonymous

This is a really fun game!!! :) :D

Our Piggly Wiggly Game:
by: Coa Coa Lover

Our Piggly Wiggly Game needs 3 or more players. one person is It. It leaves room. Everyone hides in sleeping bag (not their own). It comes back and taps 1 sleeping bag. You say piggly wiggly. The person inside the bag says Oink oink.It must guess who is inside the bag. If they get it right, the person inside the bag is It. If they are wrong It must go to another bag.

by: Anonymous

Hahaha I love your idea I am in 6th grade, so me and my best friends will love that idea and have TONS of laughs!! Thanks for the sleepover idea!!

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