Murderer is a teen party game that has been around for a really long time.

Cut how ever many strips of paper that are comming to your party. On on write an X, on another write Detective, and on all the rest write witness.

Put each piece of paper in the bowl, and have the girls draw a paper. Whoever has the Detective sheet leaves the room. Then the murderer turns off the lights and gives someone a hug. Whomever she hugs lays on the ground and the Murderer leaves the room.The detective will then come in and ask the "living" questions about who did it, and then the detective must guess!

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by: Anonymous

This sounds alot like mafia it's a great game to play with a big group.

added directions
by: Anonymous

don't have the murderer leave the room just turn back on the light. Then detective asks 3 questions and takes a guess who the murderer is. If he is right start again if they're wrong have him exit, turn the lights off and the murderer goes again. Play until the detective catches the murderer or everyone is dead.

Original and Fun
by: Jon

Played this game with all my cousins so many times, a little variations here and there, but the same exact idea. So much fun to play.

Need a big group
by: Anonymous

okay people would know who left the room if there aren't aloootttt of people.

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