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Here are some helpful hints for planning a birthday party for your favorite toddler.

Try to schedule the birthday party around naptime. Nothing is worse than a grumpy guest of honor and grumpy guests!

Plan to keep the party short - 1 hour to 90 minutes is plenty of time.

Rely on each parent present to help supervise the kids.

Plan for activities that the each parent and child who are attending the party can do together.

For ideas specific for a 1st birthday, visit my first birthday party page.

Second Birthday Fun

For that second birthday party, how about setting up play stations? An area to play with blocks, a dress up box, and maybe a toy kitchen.

Waving scarves to music and playing with music makers is always fun too.

Know what kids love? Not just the little ones, but older ones too? Balls! Lots of balls. And balloons too (although keep in mind that a balloon can be a choking hazard if it pops).

Another fun idea is to blow bubbles and let the kids try to catch them.

Two year old children are perfecting their balance, so a game of "walk the plank" can be fun.

Other favorites are a good old fashioned game of Ring around the Rosie, Stop and Go Dancing or some of the other favorite toddler games from our list of games for young children - perfect for toddler birthday parties!

Include a short storytime, reading a story with lots of pictures that go along with your chosen theme. Check with your community's children's librarian for suggestions of what books have been popular with their storytimes for this age group.  

With that in mind, your next step is to select a party theme from my giant list of kid party ideas...

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