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Got lots of Halloween Party Stuff?

What are you going to do with it all?

Halloween is over, right? It's November 1 (or later...).

With my decorating, I like to use as many "fall" decorations as I can - hay bales, scare crows, black crows, pumpkins, brightly colored leaves...these decorations can last me through Thanksgiving until it is time to pull out the Christmas decorations.

Cheap and Easy Halloween Decorations

But what about the bats, ghosts, cauldrons, and spider webs? What I do with my Halloween theme stuff is collect it all together and store in cardboard boxes, or better yet, in large plastic storage boxes in the garage, basement or attic. I prefer plastic boxes because they just seem to hold up a little better, last longer and keep the Halloween storage items in better shape for the next year.

A great free idea for storage...

If you have a cat and buy the large plastic kitty littler containers (the ones that are shaped like a box and have full size lid on top), when you've used up the litter you can resuse the box for storing your Halloween decorations or any other item for that matter. Buy the clear boxes so you can see what is inside at a glance.

If you buy the large plastic boxes for storing your decorations, you'll sometimes find them in an orange color. If you buy containers for different holidays (green for Christmas, Red for Valentine's, a pastel for spring, orange for Halloween...etc.), you'll be able to distinguish the decoration box from others easily.

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