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Boy sleepovers can easily get overlooked in the sleepover party world. When you mention a slumber party or sleepover party, you usually think about girl sleepover parties. But boy sleepover parties can be just as popular, depending on the age of the boys.

As a matter of fact, the parties for boys can be strikingly similar to a slumber party for girls. Both are an opportunity to hang out with a group of your friends. They both include friendship, food, games, and avoiding bedtime!

You can choose a theme, but as boys get older, it isn't necessary. Instead, concentrate on having fun together as a group.

Some fun activities might be a outdoor scavenger hunt or other games that they could do outside. This is important because boys usually have a lot of energy to get out!

Fun outdoor games like capture the flag can be a lot of fun and are great boy games.

To play a glow in the dark version of capture the flag, play the same as the regular game except play at night. Have the two teams use glow in the dark bracelets that they are not allowed to take off - if they take it off, they immediately go to jail! Have the dividing line marked off with flashlights or glow in the dark tubing.

Indoors, fun things like setting up a game party would be great. Just make sure you have enough devices so everyone can participate or won't have to wait too long between turns.

You could also make part of the of your boy sleepover party night an outing, such as going to play paintball, rock climbing or having a bowling party.

Plan plenty of snack foods that the boys can munch on throughout the evening and an easy breakfast for the next morning. Remember - boys can put a lot of food away, so be prepared!

When bedtime approaches, have some activities that are a little more calm, like legos, a DVD or letting them stories. Don't forget to tell everyone what to bring (sleeping bag, pillow, etc.)

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